Why Ensemble is the Next Big Thing in Cross-Platform App Development

Productivity and quality leap forward when we create abstractions, and history is filled with powerful examples:

AWS changed the game by abstracting hardware. Who even knows what processor or Linux version their EC2 runs on?

Java won over C/C++ by making memory management easy, opening the doors to millions of developers.

Top engineering organizations like #google, #meta, #workday create platform teams to simplify complexity, turning DB, Search, Security, and Deployment into standardized services. This radical approach is the secret to their agility, productivity, and quality at scale.

Yet, when it comes to cross-platform app development, this magic has been missing. We see hundreds of thousands of lines in #swift, #kotlin, #flutter, #reactnative, all tangled with issues like state management, version conflicts, and testing nightmares.

And front-ends? They're complicated, accounting for over 40% of an app's total development cost, yet with no abstraction in sight.

This is where Ensemble steps in.

Ensemble is like the AWS moment for app development. We abstract away the complexity of building, testing, deploying, and iterating cross-platform native and mobile web apps.

With just an idea and a browser, you can craft sophisticated, pixel-perfect apps for iOS, Android, and responsive web platforms.

  • No more fussing over code
  • Nothing to install on your machine
  • Invite your team and build together
  • Test your native app live on your phone and share with your customers
  • Build together, publish, monitor, iterate, publish... as many times as you like - all from within your browser and all instantly
  • Creativity and speed. It's a game-changer for the industry!

Signup today and try it out - https://ensembleui.com