Our Vision and Approach


A few years ago, publishing content online was a difficult task. However, with the advent of blogs and other mediums, expressing oneself online has become incredibly easy for everyone.

Meanwhile, although application development has become more accessible, it still requires specialized skills and can take months or even years to take an application from idea to production.

At Ensemble, our mission is to change that. We're committed to empowering anyone, regardless of technical background, to create and publish applications quickly and easily.

Our goal is to enable users to go from idea to fully functional app in hours or days, and to publish their creations seamlessly across all devices and form factors.

With our platform, we're bringing the power of app development to everyone, and revolutionizing the way people think about and build applications.


To achieve our mission, we're approaching app development in three phases. We are on phase 1 and are beginning to experiment with phase 2.

Phase 1 - Give developers superpowers

In the first phase, we're targeting developers and those with some application development experience, turning them into 10x developers.

This phase consists of two parts as follows.

Part 1 - we're re-imagining applications as composable components that can be easily combined into seamless, delightful experiences.

We've built a declarative, metadata-driven platform that does not require any code for building front-ends for applications and then integrating them with any backend. This is available today for everyone. No signup required, just sign-in and give it a try.

The platform is descriptive, which allows us to build the second phase of our journey on top. Our core platform is also open-source, with a permissible BSD-3 Clause license, to address lock-in concerns and spread the technology widely, improving application development velocity for everyone.

Part 2 - we're creating experiences that enable anyone, regardless of technical experience, to quickly create high-quality applications and easily iterate and publish changes instantly across all platforms. The entire application development lifecycle is available on the browser for both native (iOS and Android) and web apps.

Phase 2 - Empower everyone to build apps

We aim to democratize application development for everyone, even those without an app idea.

This technology will be built as an AI layer on top of the rich metadata that our system is built upon, allowing people to create, modify, and iterate on their apps using nothing more than natural language prompts or images.

With this approach, we're empowering everyone to turn their ideas into reality, and revolutionizing the way people think about and build applications.

Phase 3 - Enable natural interactions for all apps built with Ensemble

Over the past two decades, the way we interact with computers has evolved from point-and-click GUIs to gestures, and the next generation of user interfaces will allow users to simply chat with the system to get things done. Foundational technologies such as LLM-based chatbots can make this possible, although it may take a few years to fully realize this vision, and we may still end up with a mix of natural language-based bots and more traditional interfaces.

At Ensemble, our goal is to make it easy for all apps built on our platform to incorporate chat-based interfaces without requiring much extra effort. By doing so, we're enabling our users to stay at the forefront of technological innovation and take advantage of the latest advances in user interface design.

With Ensemble, our users will be able to create apps that not only look and feel great, but also provide a seamless and intuitive user experience that will keep their customers engaged and coming back for more.