Ensemble Update - September 2023

In a nutshell!

  • Support for WebSockets 🌐
  • Pull-to-Refresh a screen πŸ”„πŸ“²
  • Infinite scroll on lists and grids πŸ“œ
  • Opening up a Rating dialog of app natively πŸ”
  • Detect User Permissions with Ease πŸ“±
  • ❗❗Tutorial Series❗❗
  • And a range of other features πŸš€

Support for WebSockets 🌐


Now adding WebSocket capabilities to Ensemble, the development of real-time chat applications, similar to ones like ChatBot. Enjoy interactive and dynamic chat and messaging experiences. Try it here!

Pull-to-Refresh a screen πŸ”„πŸ“²

Initiate a refresh by pulling the screen down, and a customizable spinner will display during the action. Upon release, the view's "onLoad" function is triggered, ensuring up-to-date content effortlessly. Refresh it yourself!

Increase user engagement with infinite scroll on lists and grids πŸ“œ

Infinite scroll feature is designed for both lists and grids. Enjoy a heightened user experience without compromising on response time for any requests! Preview here!

Opening up a Rating dialog of app natively πŸ”

Users can now easily rate your app within the native environment, enhancing your app's marketing and promotional opportunities.

Share using Native Sheets

Users can now easily share content, whether via SMS or Email, using the native sharing sheet for a seamless and familiar experience.

Detect User Permissions with Ease πŸ“±

Detect whether users have granted access to specific device capabilities. Whether it's push notifications, location services, storage access, camera usage, microphone permissions, or contact information, you'll now have the insights needed to display the most relevant and user-friendly UI.

❗❗Tutorial Series❗❗

Watch our tutorial series here! Designed to guide you through the process of building and testing your multi-platform app!

Range of Other Features

  1. Now, set a fallback widget as a background image, ensuring a polished look even when the primary image is unavailable.
  2. TabBar component offers flexibility in design with customizable options like background colors for both active and inactive tabs, borderRadius for corners, and aligning icons to your preference.
  3. "onPopped" allows app developers to execute specific actions, like refreshing a particular section, upon users' return to the main page, maintaining content accuracy.
  4. Add a touch of style to your loading screens with the effortless shimmer effect, captivating users while they wait.