Ensemble Update - October 2023

In a nutshell!

  • Integrate Ensemble with Swift iOS/Flutter App 📱
  • Youtube player 🎥
  • Enable Carousel Loop 🔄
  • Calendar Selections 📅
  • Instant Server-Side notifications 📡
  • Countdown Widget ⏲️
  • And a range of other features 🚀

Integrate Ensemble with Swift iOS/Flutter App 📱

Ensemble can be integrated into an existing SwiftUI (or UIKit based) iOS app. The integration code is open-sourced for your convenience. This approach not only maximizes the value of your existing app investment, but also introduces the benefits of real-time app updates and a 10x productivity boost that Ensemble offers. Additionally, it allows your Flutter app to access Ensemble's storage and environment variables. This integration also empowers you to execute custom Flutter code directly from within Ensemble, creating a wealth of possibilities for external integrations.

Youtube Player 🎥

Ensemble now supports YouTube video playback with many different YAML properties. Check it out here!

Enable Carousel Loop 🔄

New property "enableLoop" replaces "enableInfiniteScroll." When "enableLoop" is set to "false," the carousel stops at the end. If set to "true," it creates a continuous loop. You can see this in the Carousel kitchen sink example.

Calendar Selections 📅

A new Calendar feature that lets you choose start and end dates, mark your selections, and easily log the chosen cells. This feature provides a user-friendly way to interact with dates and customize your calendar experience. Give it a go!

Instant Server-Side Notifications 📡

Users can now easily receive notifications from their app and obtain a special device token for server-based interactions. This makes it simpler to send personalized notifications, offering a convenient method to handle server-side notifications. These server notifications can direct users to any screen and carry custom information with them. Try it live!

Countdown Widget ⏲️

Introducing a brand-new Countdown Widget, designed for simplicity and ease of use. Customize it to display just the days, time, or no labels at all, making countdowns a breeze. Review the code here.

Range of other features 🚀

  1. You can enhance the appearance of the TextInput by including a floating label text for a more stylish and user-friendly design.
  2. We've upgraded the Ensemble date range control to include custom widgets for individual date blocks, enabling personalized date selection with specific date numbers as inputs.
  3. Enhances user authentication within webview links by enabling the setting of cookies for secure access.
  4. Update your app's badge count either by receiving data from a server or by utilizing Ensemble's Badge actions.
  5. "onResume" action is triggered when the app comes to the foreground or when you switch between navigation menu items.