Ensemble Update - November 2023

In a nutshell!

  • Custom Lottie Animation Control ✨
  • Enhancements for HTML Widget 🎨
  • Avatar Customization 🎭
  • Enhanced Camera: Capture Control 📷
  • Secure Access with Cookie Configuration 🔒
  • Haptics Support 🫨
  • And a range of other features 🚀

Custom Lottie Animation Control ✨

With events like onStart, onPause and onComplete, developers can make things happen at specific points in the animation. You can also set autoRepeat to false if they want the animation to play only once without automatically restarting. Experience it yourself, try now!

Enhancements for HTML Widget 🎨

Introducing maxLines support with ellipsis overflow in the HTML widget. Now, effortlessly customize text color, font size, and font weight using both CSS tags and the box wrapper, providing enhanced styling flexibility. Further details on our GitHub.

Avatar Customization 🎭

Easily integrate avatars with specified sources, customize dimensions, and even add overlays such as status indicators or icons for a personalized and visually engaging user experience. Create an account and review code in studio!

Enhanced Camera: Capture Control 📷

Now including new option, minCount, allowing users to set a minimum image capture requirement. Users can specify the storage type with type: ${ensemble.storage}. Upon capturing the designated number of images (defined by maxCount), the camera will automatically close. Check out our documentation for more info!

Secure Access with Cookie Configuration 🔒

Enable authenticated access for clients through provided Webview links by a cookie-setting capability within the YAML configuration. This ensures user authentication when navigating the Webview from our app, enhancing security and user experience. Take a look in studio!

Haptics Support 🫨

Providing users with a tangible experience. With options like heavy, medium, and light impact haptics, as well as vibrate haptics, Ensemble offers a heightened sense of touch for a more engaging interaction. Haptics will only work on native apps. Download EnsembleGo (iOS) or EnsemblePreview (Android), and test it out within Kitchen Sink!

Range of other features

  1. Now, with a simple button action, developers can trigger native methods like "updateTodo" with specific data. There's options onComplete and onError to handle success or errors after calling the native method.
  2. Dynamically customize your app's look with adjustable properties for the view, header, and footer. Enjoy flexible heights that adapt to their content, giving your app a more versatile and appealing layout.
  3. Users can now personalize the header by customizing font styles, incorporating functional next and back buttons, accessing the month's full name, and creating a tailored design that aligns with their preferences.
  4. Introducing new action, navigateViewGroup, with a required parameter, viewIndex. This allows for efficient switching between views within the ViewGroup