Ensemble update - Mar 2023

In a nutshell

  • Say cheese, the camera is here 📷
  • View history of your screen definition and see the diffs 📅
  • Manage collaborators more easily 👩‍💻
  • and many more enhancements

Say cheese, the camera is here 📷

You can now tap into the device camera to take pictures and videos. Combine this with the uploadFiles action to enable your users to upload media.

View history of your screen definition and see the diffs 📅

Now you can access the history of your screen definitions in Ensemble's studio. Pick an older version to see the diff compared to current version, and optionally, restore that version.

Manage collaborators more easily 👩‍💻

See who's collaborating on your apps, and manage their roles and invites from a new and improved page.

Other enhancements

  1. We have automated the generation of Ensemble language schema. Look out for enhancements to the IntelliSense capabilities in coming weeks.
  2. Button label can now include a leading or ending icon. See examples in Kitchen Sink.
  3. Text is now selectable through click and drag of cursor.
  4. We have published additional Kitchen sink examples for Date, Time, and Flex widgets as well as code examples for string and array functions.
  5. parseInt function was enhanced to take an optional value for radix.
  6. "Null" no longer appears when API is loading and Text widget is waiting for its value.
  7. Fixed an issue where high resolution images caused an app crash.
  8. Fixed an issue that did not allowing passing API response to console.log.
  9. Fixed an issue that broke form's with inputs, using the label on the side.
  10. Fixed an issue where binding did not propagate to nested item templates.