Ensemble update - June 2023

In a nutshell

  • Connect to OAuth ️🔌👌
  • Create custom bottom sheets ⬆️
  • Edit your code in a JS editor 🧑‍💻
  • Search within the widget tree 🔍
  • and many more enhancements

Connect to OAuth ️🔌👌

Now you can connect to OAuth providers. Ensemble currently supports Google and Microsoft out-of-the-box (more coming soon).
See the live example here and check out the docs.

Create custom bottom sheets ⬆️

Create focused experiences by utilizing the bottom sheet. You can place any custom widget in the bottom sheet. See it in action here.

Edit your code in a JS editor 🧑‍💻

Writing complex code? Switch to the JS editor by right-clicking a code section, and selecting Edit as Javascript.

Search within the widget tree 🔍

We've introduced the ability to search your widget hierarchy, by any property (e.g. content of a text widget). A complete new editing experience is currently behind a flag and coming in July. Reach out if interested to test it out early.

Other enhancements

  1. BottomNavBar styling for dark mode is now available. See example here.
  2. You can now set the gap between icon and label in button widgets..
  3. Button labels can be fully customized using labelStyle property.
  4. Hint text of inputs can be fully customized using hintStyle property.
  5. We have added support for while, do-while, and for loops in code.
  6. Fixed an issue with setting nested properties through code.
  7. Fixed an issue where continue keyword did not work in code loops.