Ensemble update - July 2023

In a nutshell!

  • Social Login with Google and Apple 🍎
  • Auth0 integration 🔐
  • Plaid integration 🔗
  • Modularizing the usage of camera, location, etc. 📷
  • Push Notifications 📬✨
  • Sortable DataGrids 📊
  • And various other capabilities 🚀

Social Login with Google and Apple 🍎

Introducing Social Login with Google and Apple with Firebase! Simplify onboarding and enhance security as users can now sign in using their trusted Google or Apple IDs.

Supercharge Authentication with Auth0: Auth0 integration 🔐

Auth0 is here to take your app's security to the next level! Empower users with seamless identity and access management, ensuring rock-solid logins and effortless access to all features and resources. Take a look at how to set it up!

Unleashing Plaid Integration 🔗

Empower users with secure and seamless linking of financial accounts. Elevate your financial services with Ensemble's built-in Plaid, unlocking new possibilities and ensuring unmatched security.

Tailored to Your App's Needs: Modularizing the usage of camera, location, etc. 📷

Ensemble allows you to include only the features your app needs, avoiding unnecessary permissions. Our separate modules ensure easier maintenance, seamless updates, and enhanced code reusability across your app.

Ignite User Engagement: Push notifications 📬✨

Push your app’s limits to the next level with Ensemble's dynamic push notifications. Timely and relevant updates delivered directly to users' devices spark excitement and keep them engaged with the app's latest content, events, and crucial information. Dive into the guide!

Empower Data Exploration: Sortable Dynamic DataGrids 📊

Users can now sort columns in ascending or descending order based on specific criteria, supercharging data visualization and analysis. Enabling users to find relevant information and stay informed effortlessly. See it in action here!

Various other capabilities

  1. Add custom labels within your Doughnut chart, turning them into engaging data representations!

2. Users can now enter their phone numbers effortlessly, while our advanced masking technology takes care of the rest.

3. Securely store, manage, and access API keys and sensitive data in a centralized, encrypted environment.

4. TextField widget now accepts numbers as inputType for numeric input.