Ensemble Update - August 2023

In a nutshell!

  • MFA with a Powerful OTP Widget 🔐
  • Access Contact List ☎️
  • Integrate with TabaPay 💳💸
  • Open iOS/Android App Settings ⚙️
  • Enjoy New Camera Features 📸
  • Debug with an Enhanced Console Tab 💬
  • And a range of other features 🚀

MFA with a Powerful OTP Widget 🔐

Enhance your security with the convenience of a built-in highly configurable widget designed to verify OTP codes effortlessly. Simply enter the OTP or paste, automatically call an API or have an explicit action. Check it out here.

Access Contact List ☎️

Be able to prompt users to grant access to their device contacts, allowing seamless retrieval of contact lists to enhance functionality. Test it out here!

Integrate with TabaPay 💳💸

Elevate your payment experience with the our TabaPay widget, delivering not just a user-friendly payment method, but also functionalities for both account information capture, payouts and payments. Read more.

Open iOS/Android App Settings ⚙️

Effortlessly open your native app's settings using JavaScript and Actions, enhancing your control over customization and configuration. Test it out on your phone here.

Enjoy New Camera Features 📸

Utilize the newly integrated feature that allows you to toggle microphone access on/off , alongside features like gallery picker, camera rotation, and flash control for an enhanced user experience. Preview a live example!

Debug with an Enhanced Console Tab 💬

Console tab provides users with a smooth avenue to observe errors and console messages without the need to navigate through browser Developer Tools.

Range of Other Features

  1. Revisions to the documentation have been made to provide a more comprehensive guide for navigating Ensemble.
  2. Complex bindings working with js_interpreter.
  3. Explore a range of additional styling options across various areas, including headers, views, and text.
  4. Staggered grid allows for the incorporation of items in varying sizes, sourced either from the item-template or directly as children.
  5. Management of server-initiated push notifications. Empowers app developers to create JavaScript handlers, enabling efficient response to incoming notifications.