Ensemble update - Apr 2023

In a nutshell

  • Connect to crypto wallets 🪙
  • Reusable custom widgets are here 💎
  • Include Google Fonts in your theme 🔤
  • New demo: Weather app ⛅
  • and many more enhancements

Connect to crypto wallets 🪙

Connect to any crypto wallet that supports Wallet Connect V1. Checkout this example that connects to MetaMask wallets.
See supporting wallets here.

Reusable custom widgets are here 💎

Now you can reuse your custom widgets in Ensemble by defining them globally across your app. See this example from our Personal Finance demo app.

Include Google Fonts in your theme 🔤

You can now use any fonts available from Google Fonts by adding it in your app's theme. Checkout the Weather app's theme to see an example, and try the app to see it in action.

New demo: Weather app ⛅

Checkout our latest demo app that gets your device current location, and displays current and upcoming weather data using Open Weather APIs.

Other enhancements

  1. Your apps now get Material 3 look and feel out of the box. Head over to the theme section of your app to customize it further.
  2. Transitioning between screens now include a smooth animation.
  3. You can now set background gradients for buttons. See example here.
  4. You can now bind your widget properties to global functions.
  5. We've enhanced the camera example to show the media selected by the user.
  6. When previewing an app in studio, you can select the device configuration such as OS and mode.
  7. Fixed an issue where binding did not propagate to nested item-templates.
  8. Fixed an issue where expressions passed to a view's header title were not evaluated.