Ensemble update - Feb 2023

In a nutshell:

  • Create complex layouts with smooth scrolling
  • Ready, set, uploadFiles
  • Browse your screen definitions using the new widget tree
  • Updated demo app: Ensemble Kitchen Sink
  • and lots more improvements to error handling, existing widgets, menu, and docs

Create complex layouts with smooth scrolling 🔥

ListView and GridView are here! Use them to render complex layouts with lots of content, without sacrificing the scrolling performance. Here's a link to the example above.

Ready, set, uploadFiles 📂

Use the uploadFiles action to prompt users to, well, upload files! As always, it works across browsers, iOS, and Android.

Browse your screen definitions using the new widget tree 🤖🌳

We have introduced a new panel in Ensemble Studio that displays your screens widget tree. Use this panel to navigate around the YAML.

Updated demo app: Ensemble Kitchen Sink

We’ve enhanced the Kitchen Sink app so you easily browse Ensemble capabilities.

Other enhancements

  1. Margin and padding - You can now add margin, padding, background, and many more styling to all widgets.
  2. Form styling - Background color of form elements such as TextInputs can now be customized.
  3. Reusable menu - Menu can now be defined globally across the app.
  4. Error handling - We’ve enhanced our JavaScript error handling so not only you can see the errors in the developer console of the browser, but you also get notified on the Studio itself.
  5. Console.log for code blocks - Use it when you need to print something to the browser’s console.
  6. navigateBack - Use this new action to have a customized back button.
  7. Carousel widget - You can now trigger next() and previous() from code by assigning an ID to the carousel, and calling myCarousel.next();
  8. Ensemble Preview - Our preview app will now auto-update so you don't have to visit the app store and update manually.
  9. Schema updates: ChartJs, DataGrid, and several properties added to Ensemble schema.
  10. Documentation updates - New doc pages to cover layouts, getting our preview app, etc.
  11. Bug fixes for empty API response, stopTimer action,and  setting PasswordInput value